Artist’s Statement

“If the artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found”
-Terence McKenna
I have always used artmaking as a way to process emotions, ideas, and difficulties.  After being inspired by Alex Grey’s “The Mission of Art”, I decided to become an art therapist and learn more about how art can heal.  My current artwork contains themes that are also relevant to my work as a therapist, especially related to the transformation that can be catalyzed through the use of sacred plant medicines.
My work can be considered “Visionary Art,”  including themes of transformation, spirituality, dreams, and visions.  I often have the experience of art coming through, rather than from me.  I am drawn to art that expresses the inner world of the artist through the clarity and beauty of refined technique, and aspire to create art that evokes that experience in others.  My intent with my current work is to merge interests in psychology, personal transformation, social change, and plant medicines through the medium of paint.