Lesley Burke, born 1979 in Knoxville, TN, is a licensed art therapist and professional counselor based in Portland, OR. She is also a visionary artist who is interested in the connection between art, plant medicines, and psychotherapy as methods for healing and transformation through the flow state experience. In addition to being a painter and art therapist, she is part of a team bringing legal MDMA assisted psychotherapy to the public.

Lesley grew up in New Orleans, LA, and attended Loyola University, where after briefly considering a career as a software developer, graduated with a BA in visual art. While living in New Orleans in her 20’s she worked as a bartender and server, where she learned a great deal about the human psyche. After reading The Mission of Art by Alex Grey, she decided to attend graduate school to become an art therapist, which brought her to Portland, OR where she has been living since 2005. Lesley has volunteered with the Zendo Project at festivals and Burning Man, and has been trained in MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy by MAPS. She currently practices psychotherapy at Somatic Center Portland, offers art therapy and psychedelic integration workshops, and spends her “free time” painting.